The discerning dog never misses a trick when it comes to seeking total wellbeing. Which is why we collaborate with London’s best Dog Trainers, Nutritionists and Vets – along with canine guests experts in everything from Reiki to Acupuncture and Mutt Massage – to keep you happy, healthy and 100% Zen.

Heal The Dog


No one wants to make a dog’s dinner of things. Luckily, Junior Hudson, Founder of Heal the Dog, is our Friend. As a Canine Dietary & Integrative Wellness Consultant, he counts Royal family dogs amongst his loyal pack. During private consultations and special workshops, he’ll be providing your owner with the advice they need on finding the healthiest food for you. Rest assured, Junior’s three, Eurasiers make sure that the balance of flavours is always bang-on too.

Dog trainers

Ever feel that your owner simply doesn’t understand you? Louise Glazebrook of The Darling Dog company is a leader in all things canine behaviour and psychology. Her one-one-on lessons and group Mutt Skool classes are a playful way to learn new commands, increase your focus, run safely off the lead – and generally make your owner proud.

Louise Glazebrook The Darling Dog Company
Wild At Heart Foundation


There are around 600 millions stray dogs around the world and 1 billion puppies who are born unwanted each year. Founded by the renowned florist, Nikki Tibbles, the foundation supports international dog rescue and adoption projects, as well as compassionate spay and neuter programmes and educational initiatives. So far, they've prevented an estimated 252 million puppies from being born into a life of neglect and facilitated the successful adoption of 1,378 dogs. We proudly support their work, by making it as easy as possible to donate £1 to the cause, when you come to our Dog Club & Hotel.


Comfortable, cosy and eternally stylish, Hindquarters are a British brand founded by Jerry Cooper and Alex Sullivan. Tried and tested by their pack, Percy, Red, Twig, Timber and Tank, everything from the collars to the leads and washable bespoke Urban Mutts beds is available in our Shop. So while your owner’s shopping in Westfield, you can engage in a little retail therapy too.

Hindquarters Lead
Dr Ciara Vet In The City


As an absolute expert on the life of an urban mutt, Vet in the City founder Dr Ciara understands the challenges you face. Film set expert, guest podcaster, Vet of the Year 2018 nominee and a pet parent herself, she’s here to check your weight, then monitor your heart rate, hydration, temperature, teeth and gait. All that, as well as flag any more significant problems early on, so you stay happy and healthy for longer.


You can always call our Canine Concierges on 020 3883 7597 if you have any questions.

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