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Take a one-hour trot around a historic London park, or have a sniff about in The Green Belt. We keep our packs to a four-mutt max, but we’ll always pair you with your besties. One-on-one walks are also available, for those who prefer to trot solo.

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Mini Mutts (puppies)

For puppies & those of petite proportions

From micro breeds and miniatures to puppies just over 12 weeks, our expert Pack Leaders will give you just the right amount of walk and all-important nap time. We'll even keep your training and supervised social time away from the Big Dogs. Because we all know that size matters.



Whether you want a quick Wash ‘n Go, The Full Works, a No-Scratch Nail Clip or Fresh Breath Tooth Clean, we’ve paired pet-friendly, planet-friendly products with the latest high-tech hydro baths to get your coat shiny, your paws perfect and your grin it's very best.

Lather me up

The Dog Jogger

This is where our story began. Our Founder, Barry Karacostas, started running in London parks with his trusty Rottweiler, Leo. Barry got fit, Leo got fit - and they both had a whale of a time. In no time at all, Barry had attracted a whole pack of dogs who reaped the mental and physical benefits of bounding along together. To his human clients, the media and passers-by, Barry became known as The Dog Jogger. Now you too can join the gang, with a personal Dog Jogging Consultation (price on request).


Mutt Skool (training)

Top-up training by expert trainers means you can swat up on your favourite commands while your owner’s elsewhere. You can always train them to behave a little better, when you see them later. Just drop us a line before you come, and we'll fill you in on personal consultation availability and class times.

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You can always call our Canine Concierges on 020 3883 7597 if you have any questions.

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